ETSY flooded by AI-generated junk

By dressupstyle Feb 9, 2024 #AI-GENERATED


YouTube’s amateur Online-business advisors think that the age AI Art, which is easily available, is the age to ask for and receive. ChatGPT, AI tools and the notion that they can answer any question are gaining popularity. You can ask for them to make you rich.

Joshua Mayo is a YouTube personality who makes videos on how you can become a millionaire in 30 years. He said that his young audience does not want to work a standard 9-to-5 job for decades until they retire from their 401(k).

 He said that many people do not like the idea of working 9-5 for decades, then retiring on their 401(k). The younger generations talk a lot about how money is a total fraud, and that it’s a surreal situation to always have to collect. They want to build something from nothing to make money online. AI Art Tools can help you make money from nothing.


Mayo said a lot his videos contain AI, even if it’s not about an AI side hustle. “You can use AI, or implement it in the processes.” He explains in one of his video about using AI for making money that images made with Midjourney could be created in seconds and then sold as digital downloads via Etsy, which would allow him to tap into a “multimillion dollar market” of clipart. Mayo confirmed this was one of ChatGPT’s very first ideas when I asked them for 10 ideas to start an online business. “The ideas stage is really perfect for AI,” said he. You can ask AI for ideas on products that you could sell through Etsy. It will provide you with a list of products.

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