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Looking for the best women’s blazers in 2024 to wear? You have come to a good place! Blazers were always a big part of my wardrobe. A quality blazer can elevate any outfit. Today I will break down my top blazer brand, my current favorite in my wardrobe, and all the women’s blazers I have been eyeing up in new arrivals.


I own A LOT OF blazers and have tried many brands. Below are my favorite blazers for women.


This should be no surprise to anyone who follows me. Veronica Beard blazersHere are a few of my favorites. Dickey Jackets are a classic Veronica Beard Miller Dickey Jacket is a must have, but don’t overlook all of VB’s fashion styles. Some of my favourite past styles include This is the one, This is the one, This is the one. Veronica Beard blazers may be an investment, but I personally believe that the quality and price are unbeatable. The blazers always have a full lining, quality buttons/details, and are thoughtfully made. I also love the brand’s continued production of a more tailored slim fit, which feels more dressy than the current over-sized blazer trends. Veronica Beard fits me true to size.


Smythe blazersSmythe blazers, in comparison to Veronica Beard, are more fitted at the waist (think nipped-in) and have a higher quality. Smythe blazers, compared to VB, tend to be more fitted at the waist. This is the oneare much more elongated. You can see the way I have styled Smythe Blazers Here is a link to the article, Here is a link to the article, Here is a link to the article, Here is a link to the article. I usually size up when buying Smythe blazers, as they are quite fitted.


Favorite DaughterThis is a brand that I am new to and I own This blazer, This blazer, This blazer. I’ve found this brand to be a great choice for under $350. I also love that many of their styles feel classic but with a small twist – such as ribbed cuffsYou can also find out more about the following: faux double layered detailing. You can see my previous stylings. Here is a link to the article, Here is a link to the article, Here is a link to the article.


Okay, this is a little bit cheating. The Nili Lotan piecesI prefer third-piece jackets to blazers, but they are some of my favorite jackets. As you know This jacket was the first Nili Lotan piece that I purchased and since then I’ve also picked up This is the one. See how I styled Nili pieces Here is a link to the article, Here is a link to the article, Here is a link to the article, Here is a link to the article. Their bouclé jackets are a bit more boxy and fit true to size. They are structured, making them perfect for wearing over the shoulders. They also don’t wrinkle so they have become my jacket of preference when traveling.


While Veronica Beard and Favorite Daughter are some of my favorite blazers, there are a few other brands that I rotate. Blaze MilanoWhen I buy blazers above $1000 I only buy them on clearance or second hand. Here is a link to the article). I love their velvet and corduroy fabrics! For more affordable choices, I turn towards Tuckernuck, J.Crew, Banana Republic.


Unfortunately some of my most worn blazers happen to be a bit older so I can’t link to them! I linked as many as possible above, but I want to highlight some new arrivals that I’ve been eyeing. Some are from the brands I mentioned in the previous paragraph, and others are from brands that I’ve never heard of and some I’ve been wanting to try. Keep scrolling to discover the blazers I have been eyeing lately…

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